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Sphero’s BB-8 is the ‘Star Warstoy everyone will want

Back when Disney released the first trailer to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, one of the characters that caught most people's eye was BB-8. And for good reason: it's an adorable rolling droid. الآن, Disney is bringing it to everyone through Sphero, ر… Engadget Full RSS Feed

Airbnb’s Apple Watch app focuses on putting hosts and guests in touch

The last year or so has seen Airbnb put a major focus behind design, from its company logo and identity to new apps for phones and tablets. الآن, it's putting its attention towards a new platform: wearables. بدءا من اليوم, the iOS Airbnb app is comEngadget Full RSS Feed

ICYMI: Self-driving golf carts, water hoverboards and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: A new golf cart that can drive itself has been designed, complete with a tool to let people schedule pickups and drop-offs. Like *cough* Uber *cough*. A Canadian inventor is showcasing his water hoverboard that we alEngadget Full RSS Feed

Sony made a lamp that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker

Today wasn't only about smartphones and headphones for Sony. At its IFA 2015 press conference, the company also teased a lamp that doubles as a speakerlike the TV remote it revealed recentlyand a new portable projector it's been working on…. Engadget Full RSS Feed

Mate S is Huawei’s answer to the iPhone 6 أكثر

Today at its IFA 2015 المؤتمر الصحفي, Huawei unveiled the Mate S, a follow-up to last year's fingerprint sensor-enabled Ascend Mate 7. الجهاز, which has now shrunk in size from 6-inches to a more manageable 5.5-inches, is a refresh that borrows theEngadget Full RSS Feed

Intel’s ‘SkylakeCPU family includes an unlocked laptop chip

To say that Intel has been dragging out the launch of its Skylake-based processors would be an understatement when it didn't even reveal full details after it started shipping the first CPUs. Most of that secrecy is coming to an end today, ومع ذلك,… Engadget Full RSS Feed

Adonit introduces Bluetooth-free touchscreen stylus

The stylus available for tablets and smartphones usually fall into two camps. The more precise pens with Bluetooth connectivity that only work with certain apps or the rubber-tipped pens that work with anything but can result in smudgy lines. AdoniEngadget Full RSS Feed