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Chromecast review (2015): Not much new, but still worth $35

The original Chromecast proved that big surprises can come in small packages. Even though it was just a $ 35 HDMI dongle the size of a pack of gum, it had the power to transform any TV into a smart one, as long as you had a smartphone, tablet or com… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

ICYMI: Mars life, bendy smartphone screens and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: It's Space Week, and today's celestial story is an earth-bound look at what a colony of humans would have to endure on Mars. People from Hawaii's Space Exploration Analog and Simulation group just finished an eight m… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

FAA tests tech to spot illegal drone operators near airports

As the number of privately-owned UAVs have exploded here in the US, so too have incidents of hobbyist drones being flown too closely to airports. أكثر من 100 incidents have been reported every month this year, up from a handful of occurrences in… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

ICYMI: HoloLens gaming, walking talking robot phone and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: The RoBoHon is a 7-inch tall smartphone robot that can also dance, walk and talk and basically simultaneously creep out and amaze all your family and friends. Microsoft is busy dreaming up the next HoloLens game that… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

Argos takes on Amazon with UK-wide same-day deliveries

In the past couple of years, Argos has unveiled a number of new initiatives aimed at differentiating itself from its retail rivals. We've seen it open click-and-collect stores on the Tube, partner with eBay to let online users pick up their deliver… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

Razer Music is a content sharing and creation portal for musicians

Ever notice that conspicuous green glow radiating off of Deadmau5's desk during his Twitch streams? There's a reason for that. It turns out the artist has been working with Razer to help launch a new music serviceone tailored specifically to pr… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

ICYMI: Crowdfunded rocket, swimming robotic bees and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: Harvard researchers taught a swarm of robotic bees to swim, propelling themselves through the water with their tiny little wings. A new Kickstarter project aims to crowdfund a rocket to the moon, if it can get fundin… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS