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Intuit releases Quicken 2015 لنظام التشغيل Mac, with stock tracking

Loyal users of Quicken for Mac, Intuit’s flagship personal finance manager, have not had the easiest road over the past few years. The product froze in amber with the Quicken 2007 الافراج عن, which remained on its legacy PowerPC code base well past the… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

Spotify’s resident media artist program unlocks the power and beauty of data

It’s always a gamble for a company to attach itself to an artist. But Spotify sees it as a natural extension of its corporate culture. For a company that holds regular hackathons and hack weeks, in which employees are encouraged to experiment and… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

NFL wants artists to pay to play the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Being selected to play the Super Bowl Halftime Show is a huge dealthere’s no doubt about that. ولكن هذا العام, the NFL is asking potential acts for the 2015 installment to fork over a share of their post-game tour profits. According to The Wall… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

Timeful Helps You Make Time for the Things You Want to Do

Timeful for iOS is an innovative app for managing your time, tasks lists, and habits in one place. Where most apps tackle one of the three or provide a task list feature within a calendar app, Timeful actively works to integrate the three in a way… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS […]

Twitter is officially putting tweets from strangers in your timeline

You know how Twitter started inserting othersfavorites and follows into your timeline? كما اتضح, it’s not an experimentit’s official policy. We now know that the social network recently updated its timeline explanation to confirm that… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

Apple expands its artists lineup for 2014 iTunes Festival in London

Apple today announced that it has added several more artists to its upcoming iTunes Festival in London. The month-long music show will feature musicians such as Lenny Kravitz, David Gray and Jessie Ware along with the previously announced artists… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

Handling HTC’s Butterfly 2: the flagship phone you might never see

HTC has its metallic-hewn, well-received One smartphone series. يا, and its cheaper Desire collection, which has also hit a creative groove of late. But then there’s the company’s Butterfly phones: high-spec Android devices that rarely make it out of… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS