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Razer’s Android gamepad is now on Google Play for $80

If you’re tired of having to pause games on your Android mobile device just to wipe finger grease off the screen, you are in luck. إلى $ 80, the Bluetooth-connected Razer Serval gamepad will ensure that you never touch that screen again (at least unti… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

Microsoft has a trick for making holograms from live video

We’ve seen Microsoft’s HoloLens do an awful lot of different things so far, but Halo, Minecraft and even medical applications are just scratching the surface of what the augmented reality headset is capable of. In a new research paper, Redmond outlin… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

Mars Orbiter gets ready for InSight Lander’s touchdown

NASA’s InSight Lander won’t be reaching the red planet until 2016, but the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is already preparing for its welcome party. In order to make sure that it’s at the right place to be able to receive radio transmissions from InSig… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

ICYMI: VR to improve London’s tube, lego arm and more

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Intel’s 3D memory is 1,000 times faster than modern storage

Intel and Micron unveiled a novel new kind of non-volatile data storage device during a press conference on Tuesday. The chips, يطلق عليها اسم “3D XPoint” (واضح “cross-point”), are being touted as the first new class ofmainstream memoryto hit the m… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

ICYMI: A ban on kill-capable bots, data center design & أكثر

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NASA shows off the International Space Station in glorious 4K

NASA’s International Space Station team recently got a big camera upgrade in the form of RED’s Epic Dragon, and it’s more than a little eager to show off what this high-resolution gear can do. The agency has started posting 4K videos (آسف, no 6K ye… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

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