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LAPD’s body cameras roll out Monday, but footage won’t be public

Come Monday the Los Angeles Police Department begins its deployment of body cameras for officers. The initial rollout is limited — فقط 860 of the proposed 7,000 cameras will hit the streets at firstand the SWAT team won't get them until sometEngadget Full RSS Feed

BlackBerry’s Android-powered Venice phone surfaces in the wild

BlackBerry's Android-based Venice smartphone isn't just a figment of someone's imagination… على الأقل, if you believe Vietnamese resident Ba Minh Duc. He claims to have photos of the slider in action, complete with its hideaway QWERTY keyboard,… Engadget Full RSS Feed

ICYMI: portable laser cannons, robotic tackling dummies, and fungus furniture

Today on In Case You Missed It, Boeing unveils a drone-destroying laser cannon the size of a travel trunk. Also up, North Korea shows us all how calisthenics are done, a guy makes an ottoman out of mushrooms, and Dartmouth College unleashed a robEngadget Full RSS Feed

Google Search starts connecting you directly to plumbers, locksmiths

Amazon launched a home services directory in 41 cities a few months ago, and now Google is dipping its toe in the water. According to the Wall Street Journal, for those "in and around" سان فرانسيسكو, searching for terms like lock repair or cloggedEngadget Full RSS Feed

Sprint’s offering a year of free service for DirecTV customers

DirecTV and AT&أمبير;T are sitting in that proverbial tree, but that isn't going to stop any telecom competitors from throwing rocks their way. مثال على ذلك: Sprint is running a promo that gives DirecTV customers a year of free cell service by switcEngadget Full RSS Feed

ICYMI: Turbine sunbather, NASA stress test and an aquatic hedge trimmer

Today on In Case You Missed It, Usain Bolt may be the "fastest man on Earth" but he can't outrun a cameraman on a Segway. An amatuer drone pilot stumbles across a sunbather 200 feet above the ground. NASA puts its 3D-printed rocket engine pump thEngadget Full RSS Feed

الصورة الكبيرة: A nebula with the grace of a butterfly

Nebulae tend to be stunning by their very nature, but the Twin Jet Nebula might just take the cake. The Hubble Space Telescope team has captured an updated image of the dying binary star system (the last shot was from 1997), and its namesake twinEngadget Full RSS Feed

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