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Chevy’s 2016 cars can keep charging phones from overheating

Early summer on the East Coast hasn’t been its usual level of brutal this year, but it’s only a matter of time before smartphones start wigging out in the heat. Things only get trickier when you’re charging up in your sweltering car, so Chevy cooked … التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

Snugs uses 3D scanners to build you bespoke earbuds

Whether in-ear ‘phones cost £10 or £1000, nearly all come with the same three sizes of rubbery buds you use to wedge them in your trophy handles. UK company Snugs, ومع ذلك, offers a more personalised approach, measuring the unique curves of your ear … التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

#ICYMI: Freezing lasers, tweeting video games and more

#fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-912973{عرض:لا شيء;} .cke_show_borders #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-912973, #postcontentcontainer #fivemin-widget-blogsmith-image-912973{width:570px;عرض:block;} Today on In Case You Missed It: Microsoft deb… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

Snapchat’s ‘tap to viewtakes your fingers off the screen

Snapchat announced a host of new features for its messaging app on Wednesday. The biggest change is the newtap to viewfeature that, as the name implies, allows users to simply tap the screen to play a video or story rather than continuously press… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

Sony Xperia Z4 tablet review: a great device saddled with a terrible dock

Sony’s tablets have quietly been getting better over the years. Prioritizing refinement over dazzling new features, the Xperia Z2 Tablet and Z3 Tablet Compact were two of 2014s best. The Xperia Z4 Tablet is the direct replacement to the Z2, and Sony… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

#ICYMI: German robo-operas, pan-Pacific battle mechs and more

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YouTube app for Android and iOS now supports 60 FPS playback

Google’s been systematically rolling out high frame rate (HFR) فيديو — هذا 60 لقطة في الثانية — across its YouTube ecosystem for a couple of months now. HFR debuted on standard videos last October. It hit YT’s live streaming service in May and… التقنية بلا حدود تغذيات RSS

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