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لينوفو تطلق IdeaTab S2005 (alders الملقب S2005), وtabletphone 5-بوصة الزنجبيل

You may recall that last week we had a cheeky peek at Lenovo’s upcoming tabletphone, and now our brethren at Engadget Chinese are actually touching one in Beijing! Dubbed the IdeaTab S2005 aka LePad S2005 in China, this Android 2.3.5 slate packs a 5-inch 800 س 480 LTPS display with 178-degree viewing angle (but same […]

جمهوره المحتشد فيليب ستارك مطبخ كامل في هذه الأبراج الفضاء لإنقاذ [مطبخ]

Living in a tiny apartment is no longer an excuse for living off of raman noodles. Philippe Starck has created a complete kitchen that exists inside a set of rotating towers, complemented by a sink and range equipped dining table. أكثر» جزمودو]

Eee Pad Transformer Prime gets handled, fawned over

We’ve seen the Eee Pad Transformer Prime work out its camera, take a bite out of Ice Cream Sandwich and slide through a Portuguese hands-on, but we’re more than happy to take a peek at Ritchie’s Room’sfirst look” كذلك. Their impressions? Pretty positiveRitchie had nary a negative thing to say about […]

Talkcast الليلة, 4مساء HI/7pm PT/10pm ET: عطلة انطلاق المباراة طبعة!

نحن هنا مرة أخرى, آخر الأحد. Provided you survived Black Friday and the turkey-based festivities, كنا نحب أن يكون لك الانضمام إلى أسرة TUAW عن التسوق بعد, بعد التربتوفان-غيبوبة Talkcast. على الأرجح سيكون لدينا عدد قليل من الاساسيين, توفير ما سنقوم الكلمة “لون التعليق” في غرفة الدردشة. أيضا, if you show up for […]

هدايا Primpalicious للانيمال الوسواس [هدية دليل]

He takes longer than your girlfriend to get ready. Zac Efron hair is his Holy Grail. Somehow you’re still friends, so help him preen with a gift that will blow his vain brain away. أكثر» جزمودو]

Martin says its jetpack is ‘practical,’ offers crappy computer animation as evidence

Ever wonder what a jetpack is good for, besides fulfilling dreams and fighting Nazis? جيد, Martin wants you to know there are, في الواقع, practical applications for its $ 86,000 personal propulsion system. According to the aviation company everyone from emergency responders to search and rescue teams to military personnel could find a place for […]

هدايا مثيرة للعرسان الجدد العقدة-الغريب [هدية دليل]

You finally found that special someone, settled down, and tied the knot. This is the one person you’re going to be having sex with from here to eternity. Here are ten gifts to add some kinky spice to forever. أكثر» جزمودو]

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