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قفز ClickStart تربية البرمجيات: كرنفال التعلم


قفز ClickStart تربية البرمجيات: كرنفال التعلم

Step right up for big-time, كبيرة متعة التعلم الأعلى! ثلاثة ممتعة مليئة ألعاب الكرنفال إدخال طفلك على الحروف, أرقام, phonics skills and more.LeapFrogكرنفال التعلم, التي أنشأتها قفز, سياحيين الشباب الى اعلى كبير لكميات من التعلم متعة. في مسلى أحمق, players navigate their way through an obstacle course to find letters and build words. The Splat That! booth targets letter and sound recognition, while encouraging kids to use the mouse to click andsplat” الأهداف. For use with ClickStart My First Computer, يباع بشكل منفصل.

مراجعات العملاء

Good but not for teaching letters and phonics, كانون الأول / ديسمبر 31, 2007
من قبل: SB

This game says that it teaches letters and phonics. لكن, if your child doesn’t know the alphabet or phonics they probably won’t learn from this game. I used the Starfall website to teach my daughter letters and phonics. It is an excellent introduction and its free.

Learning Carnival has 3 games with 3 levels.
The Fun House is great for teaching use of the arrow keys on the keyboard. You child will have to use left, حق, up and down to find letters and numbers. They will also have to use springs sometimes to reach higher items. Good for the 2-4 age group.

Balloon Kaboom Level 2 teaches kids to recognise a letter, number, color or shape that does not belong.

Splat That! is good for improving mouse skills. الأول, your child will have a letter that they will have to splat. Then they will have to splat all pictures that begin with this letter.

لي 2.5 year old really enjoys this game. Her 10 year old cousin also enjoys playing it.

Great game for next level of play, كانون الأول / ديسمبر 30, 2007
By L. Burban

We purchased this game to go with our clickstart. لي 4 yr old played it. The game takes the next level from the games built into the console. My daughter loves the fun house game. It has three levels and you have to beat level a to get to level b and level b to get to level c. It gives them a challenge once they have aced the built in games. It keeps track of your time and you can try and beat your best time. The game has you go up latter’s, down slides and latter’s, jump from the ground to platforms, walk left and right. It is great for learning letters. There is also a bubble popping game that is the next level from the console game. It asks you to pop a specific bubble by letter. This is a great addition to the console games. It is more challenging and once your child masters the beginning games it gives them more challenging games to go onto to.

قفز ClickStart تربية البرمجيات: كرنفال التعلم

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  1. John @ Educational Software Sales على شباط / فبراير 4, 2010 في 1:50 pm

    O.K. I’ll admit it, I’m typically a Dad who grins and bares it when it’s time to play a game with my son. The Leap Pad by LeapFrog is the exception to that rule. My son received this last Christmas when he was 4 1/2 and is still playing with it.

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