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Opera Trova Flash poco appetibili per video web [Blockquote]

Speaking to TechRadar, Opera product analyst Phillip Grønvold conceded that Flash is essential to today’s web and will be for the foreseeable future. But for internet video, dice, there are alternatives that won’t make your laptop a stove top. Più»

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146 Le risposte alla Opera Trova Flash poco appetibili per video web [Blockquote]

  1. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 3:40 su

    @Ryanrule: Tell that to my friend’s hotplate Vaio.

    Modifica: Why is the strikethrough HTML not working?


  2. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 4:23 su

    @QLAB: From where I’ve been sitting, it looks like by the time a 2nd generation iPad is out the door, HTML5 will be doing quite well.

    Flash is good for vector animation. It should never have been used for embedding video.


  3. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 4:39 su

    @QLAB: I think we’ll be on the 3rd iPad at most. Google is pressing hard with companies to develop around HTML5 and Apple’s iPad is starting to really weigh in on whether people are using Flash specifically in video itself. Many sites are adopting H264 streaming outside of Flash for that very reason. It’ll happen, it’ll just take a year (2 at most).


  4. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 5:17 su

    @vinod1978: It will never happen completly. You will not be seeing any copyright protected (DRM) content or some popular content like Farmville in HTML5 alone. I am all the way behind having an open standard available for hobbiest like myself, but open standards have downsides that flash and silverlight will have to fill.


  5. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 6:12 su

    HTML5 supporters: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera Software, Vimeo, Scribd, and a bunch of others.

    Flash supporters: Adobe.

    I wonder which will win in the end….


  6. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 6:58 su

    @Decad3nce: Published standards aren’t the same as a monopoly.


  7. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 7:31 su

    @talkingstove: I guess it comes down to either your specific browser and operating system. In Mac OS X and using Safari there is a world of difference for me. Flash videos makes my fans go haywire but HTML videos do not.


  8. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 8:27 su

    @tomsomething: An embedded video file in HTML5 is just linked in the source code. You can save it just like an image, right-clicksave as.

    It’s not quite that easy with Flash. There are ways to download and convert Flash videos, but it deters the casual downloaders from having their own local copy of the entirety of Lost on their hard drive and giving it to their friends, instead of having to watch the ads on Hulu or buy the DVDs.

    DRM aka Digital Rights Management is how content owners control the distribution of their content, so you can’t freely share it with your friends or the world via a file sharing service.


  9. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 9:24 su

    @vladdybear: They just had lay offs last year too where they dumped a ton of executives and management. They even closed down specific teams. They are in a position where people are finally realizing that it’s got a lot of down falls. It’s like Nokia almost.


  10. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 9:55 su

    @vinod1978: He comes here so that he can complain about everything Gizmodo posts.


  11. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 10:49 su

    @Benedinho: THere current ipad is going to be selling for like a year maybe before an update, hey remove flash from the third ipad and say the future came. But his devices are “futuro” dispositivi, but they are still diving into the current internet and it’s content. Nel frattempo, while everyone catches up. Who’s screwed you guessed it the consumer


  12. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 11:05 su

    @slickrick23: I get an error in Safari with all the gawker sites. About once a month I have to kill all cookies associated with Gawker or their pages just refuse to load at all.


  13. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 12:00 pm

    @tomsomething: think about Netflix. their instant streaming uses flash, and they have to make it stream in such a way that you can’t just copy the video(though smart people get around that). so since HTML5 isn’t able to do this kind of DRM encoding like flash is, flash has an advantage. almeno per il momento.


  14. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 12:30 pm

    @Michael Minor: Veramente? You think Opera is singing Apple’s tune now? Why would Opera give a care about what Steve Jobs thinks? Opera is successful in their own right. They don’t need to buddy up with Jobs, and really don’t have much to gain by doing so.

    Why can’t it be that this guy actually believes that Flash is no good? Why does it always have to be about Apple?


  15. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 12:45 pm

    @autob0n: I run Opera on my stove so you are correct in your statement.


  16. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 1:00 pm

    @CaptainJack: If you don’t mind me asking but what do you need it for exactly?


  17. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 1:48 pm

    @tomsomething: At least you admit you’re biased.


  18. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 2:30 pm

    @Michael Minor: Wow you’re really taking this personally. Do you work for Adobe?


  19. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 2:53 pm

    It seems more and more that the people in the business all fall on theFlash Sucksside of the road.


  20. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 3:10 pm

    Reasonable statement. Flash is pretty much the last frontier in web plugins. Java is the other, and it’s presence is much lesser. I guess Adobe could open up Flash to become a standard so it could be implemented into the browsers. But I highly doubt they do until it’s too late and it’s time has passed. Which is rather shame, as it still does things that are either really, really painful or impossible to realise with JS/CSS. Video is very small part of what Flash is capable of, and rather irrelevant in terms of open internet standards.


  21. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 3:37 pm

    As much as some people hate Apple, their influence is undeniable. HTML5 was coming, but it’s advance has been accelerated ten fold. Similar things happened with H.264. It’s amazing


  22. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 3:37 pm

    @tomsomething: You could steal netflix and hulu video if they used HTML5.


  23. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 3:43 pm

    LOL Adobe must be going crazy right now.


  24. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 4:02 pm

    @lolcopter: It sounds like you have some really interesting insight that I am under-qualified to take advantage of. Can you elaborate?

    Explain it to me like you would explain it to an eight-year-old.

    And you have to do silly voices.


  25. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 4:10 pm

    I despise Flash and wish I could run without it, but I can’t and for that reason I don’t have interest in a device that can’t run it either.

    As much as I hate it, I need it.


  26. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 4:41 pm

    @Nathan Obbards: So Adobe made an error in making a powerful and straight forward way to code somethingThose BASTARDS! Secondly to publish to multiple platforms successfuly you have to fine tune the hell out of it.

    If clients can’t pay for proper Flash development, it’s not the technologies fault. When I use a crappy program I don’t blame the OS it’s running in.

    For all intense purposes that is exactly what Flash is.

    You’re condemning them for doing well; but not recognizing that at the heart of the current matter is Apple’s dislike for Flash’s ability to take some control out of the App store.

    More so, you aren’t remembering that Apple JUST in the last weeks gave GPU level access to Flash and a few other technologiesThat’s like complaining a sniper can’t hit a target 100 yards away with a pistol right before you decide to give him a rifle

    Michael Minor

  27. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 4:57 pm

    @vinod1978: But even then, if HTML 5 becomes the “di serie” we lose out on the benefits from competition. The best case scenario is a future in which Flash is updated(kind of what Opera is hinting at) to work more efficiently; and then competes with HTML 5.

    Anyone hoping for a standard that holds a monopoly really needs to rethink their logic. That same logic is the reason Flash holds/held most of the video marketshare, and is why it has led it’s developers to become complacent. Crappy flash is a result of complacency(in terms of coding/programming); complacency isn’t fixed by HTML 5.


  28. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 5:48 pm

    @ding-dang: sì, is that a mac book underneath the egg?

    Not sent from my iPad

  29. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 6:40 pm

    @NotSoSiniSter: They have made great strides in this area. Flash 9 was much much more of a hog than 10.


  30. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 7:30 pm

    This is the only intelligent opinion I’ve seen about Flash since the iPad was released. Grazie, Sig.. Gronvald.


  31. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 8:17 pm

    @Benedinho: That’s beyond bullshit and they know it. The truth is they are trying to use their position to bend others to their will and try to shape the market more in their favor, exactly as they did when they lead the desktop space before Windows was on the scene. It’s going to end the same way. Android is going to over take them in the mobile space and is going to have Flash and Apple will become less and less relevant to the equation. They are too closed and expect people to value them way too much to lead markets over a long period of time.


  32. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 8:21 pm

    @dallasmay: They could use silverlight as Netflix does, but yeah there is really no option in HTML5 that covers their desired model.


  33. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 8:23 pm

    he forgot the caveat that it needed to be a macbook for the cooking


  34. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 9:01 pm

    @Maori_Yelir: Whenever Apple is presented with the choice of supporting something because it is current and popular, or not supporting it because its popularity is illogical or slightly wavering, they seem to side with the latter.

    Stuff like this brings me back to the floppy disk. Apple stopped putting the drives in their computers, and for a couple years, this was an unpopular and inconvenient move.


  35. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 9:08 pm

    @MazdaMania: Sul serio, all you do is complain about every single article that Gizmodo posts. I don’t understand why you come here.


  36. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 9:52 pm

    flash as a video container is primarily used as an ad-hoc DRM. something that isn’t possible with HTML5

    i don’t personally care as an end user, but i can see the reason why commercial outlets like using flash


  37. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 10:48 pm

    So Flash CS5 exporting many things in HTML5/CSS3 means they’re not embracing open technology?

    So let me get this straight

    A) You don’t have to ever give money to Adobe to publish an SWF file, yet you have to spend thousands to get the hardware capable of developing something in the iPhone OS; but Apple is more open?

    B) CS5 publishes HTML5 and CSS3 code, but doesn’t supportopen web standards”.

    C) Adobe uses valid JS/HTML to place Flash content through their default publishing options yet doesn’t supportopen web standardshow?

    D) So out of the major browsers the only one to make it on to the iPhone OS speaks up on the side of Jobs and this is surprising how?

    I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but seems like nobody is paying attention to the details of development that Adobe is doing. People are mostly taking what Jobs said as truth; EXCEPT FOR DEVELOPERS.

    Michael Minor

  38. Anonimo il Maggio 9, 2010 a 11:23 pm

    Ancora una volta, playing videos is an intensive process. Does not matter if it is Flash/Silverlight/anything. You know what else sends my CPU screaming? HTML5 video. There is no decernible difference between HTML5/Flash as far as my laptop is concerned. Flash is the de facto standard of the most intensive things you’ll do in a browser. No shit it going to push your device a bit.


  39. Anonimo il Maggio 10, 2010 a 12:06 su

    Così, va bene, how does Hulu exist without flash? Sure they can just offer up all of their videos for free to download, but that’s not going to happen. I guess that they would just have to have a dedicated application for each and every computer/cell phone/tablet/game console/etc.

    Flash has a purpose, and it has saved my family hundreds of dollars on our cable bill -in that we don’t have one because of Flash.


  40. Anonimo il Maggio 10, 2010 a 12:10 su

    @norazi: Che’s because Skyfire does all the Flash rendering server-sideand then just sends it to your phone. Your Nexus isn’t actually rendering flash itself.

    Regardless Flash 10.1 testing on the Nexus One put the battery life at about 3.5 hours which is very comparable to a netbook.



  41. Anonimo il Maggio 10, 2010 a 12:53 su

    Today’s internet content is dependant on Flash. If you remove Flash you do not have today’s internet.

    The most important quote in this article.

    It is important right NOW! Since most bits of tech we carry on our person are outdated within at the max 3 anni, it would make since for these devices to support the web as we know it at present. The changes that apple and other want to force is fine if the new standards were ready to go, but they are not as of yet.

    My point is that by the time HTML5 is ready to go, we will more then likely be on our 3rd or 4th generation of iPad.


  42. Anonimo il Maggio 10, 2010 a 1:45 su

    That should be Adobes new slogan for flash. “Adobe Flash 10, have an egg while you wait for your video to load.


  43. Anonimo il Maggio 10, 2010 a 2:07 su

    He made a lot of the same points as Steve did, but Phillip’s presentation is a lot more palatable.


  44. Anonimo il Maggio 10, 2010 a 2:18 su

    Even the biggest Flash fanboys have to admit that eventually Flash will not be the de facto method for consuming video or interactive content on the web. The real question is when the switch from Flash to HTML 5 is going to happen.

    Every other day (or so it seems) vinod1978

  45. Anonimo il Maggio 10, 2010 a 2:21 su

    This is your brain on Flash. Any questions?


  46. Anonimo il Maggio 10, 2010 a 2:43 su

    Somebody should tell him that Flash uses GPU rendering on windows.


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