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Guardian iPhone app debuts, subscription available to UK customers

The Guardian has released a brand new version of its iPhone app on the App Store, this time featuring a subscription model for UK customers. Lots of publications have been trying to get Apple to approve a subscription model for apps but The Guardian went ahead and did it themselves, offering up a six-month subscription […]

DesignScene for iPad Is the 21st Century Muse [Video]

Apps for consuming web content on the iPad have largely shaken down into two categories: dedicated apps for individual sites and RSS readers populated with a usersselected feeds. DesignScene is something else entirely: a prepackaged bundle of all-things design. Più» Gizmodo

Playboy Magazine venire a iPad nella sua versione non censurata marzo, tra cui catalogo completo torna

Dalla sua prima edizione nel 1953 alla sua ultima incarnazione, l'intero catalogo di Playboy Magazine è in arrivo per l'iPad a marzo. E non solo, sarà fedele alla sua forma originale per arrivare a la lavagnetta di Apple senza censure. Tale è la parola direttamente dal l'uomo responsabile di quella prima copia, […]

54 Heavenly Fotografie iperfocale [Fotografia]

Iperfocale. La parola suona così…intenso. Forse è. Prendendo il vostro obiettivo e apertura conto mentre ci si concentra proprio al punto giusto, si può mungere ogni po 'di nitidezza scientificamente possibile fuori di una scena. Più» Gizmodo

IPAD 2 casi di superficie, riaccendere slot per scheda SD fuoco e aggiungere un pizzico di mistero con fesa ritaglio

There’s usually as much fun to be had before an Apple product launch as there is after, and this upcoming iPad 2 device is no exception. The latest scuttlebutt it has succumbed to comes courtesy of some cases that have cropped up in ChinaAppleInsider and MIC Gadget have independently found iPad 2 shells […]

Verde fumetti Hornet ora disponibile su iOS

The Green Hornet movie was number one at the box office last weekend (despite some less-than-stellar reviews), so if you saw it and want to read up on the hero, Iverse Media sends a note that the books are now available on your iPhone. The Green Hornet comics app is completely free, and separate issues […]

This Wobbling Office Chair Will Annoy You Into a Tighter Body [Sedie]

Many work with a heavy slouchand while this may be comfortable and give you a nonchalant cool dude vibe, it’s wrecking your back. The Wigli forces you to work your butt off (lest you fall onto it). Più» Gizmodo

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