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US accuses three people of stealing over a billion email addresses

The US Department of Justice just announced three indictments for what one attorney calledthe largest data breach of names and email addresses in the history of the Internet.Vietnamese citizens Viet Quoc Nguyen and Giang Hoang Vu stand accused of… Engadget RSS Feed

Splash Drone shrugs off water and launches rescue flares

When drone meets water, the videos can be amazingexcept that most drones hate water and can’t even be flown in the rain. Jednak, there’s a new product on Kickstarter called the Splash Drone that isn’t deterred by a little H20. The drone itself i… Engadget RSS Feed

Google’s ‘Nexusphone network might only be for Nexus 6 telefony

This week at MWC Google exec Sundar Pichai confirmed rumors that the company plans to launch its own wireless service, but a Wall Street Journal report claims it will only work with Google’s Nexus 6 smartphone. Pichai stressed that the service would … Engadget RSS Feed

The creators of ‘Monument Valleyare redesigning your car dash

The developer of Monument Valley, Ustwo, isn’t just content with designing beautiful puzzle games and tablet softwareit wants to rethink your car’s dashboard, zbyt. The company has partnered with Car Design Research to build a prototype for an ins… Engadget RSS Feed

Security flaw from the ’90s leaves Apple and Android users open to attack

A team of cryptographers have discovered that a security flaw from way back in the ’90s still leaves users today vulnerable to cyberattacks. They’ve dubbed itFactoring attack on RSA-EXPORT Keyor FREAK, and it renders everyone who uses Safari on M… Engadget RSS Feed

Tesla warns Model S hacks could injure drivers and its brand

Co roku, all publicly traded US companies are required to notify investors of the unique risks to their business. Elon Musk’s Tesla abides by the same rules, and so yesterday laid out an extensive list of factors that it believes could potentially… Engadget RSS Feed

HBO Go comes to PS4, unless you have Comcast

Congratulations PS4 owners / HBO Go users, your long wait is over and the app is ready for your console. It’s been over a year since HBO and Sony announced it was coming to the PlayStation 3 i 4, and one day shy of a year since it arrived on PS3. T… Engadget RSS Feed

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