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The creators of ‘Monument Valleyare redesigning your car dash

The developer of Monument Valley, Ustwo, isn’t just content with designing beautiful puzzle games and tablet softwareit wants to rethink your car’s dashboard, zbyt. The company has partnered with Car Design Research to build a prototype for an ins… Engadget RSS Feed

Security flaw from the ’90s leaves Apple and Android users open to attack

A team of cryptographers have discovered that a security flaw from way back in the ’90s still leaves users today vulnerable to cyberattacks. They’ve dubbed itFactoring attack on RSA-EXPORT Keyor FREAK, and it renders everyone who uses Safari on M… Engadget RSS Feed

Tesla warns Model S hacks could injure drivers and its brand

Co roku, all publicly traded US companies are required to notify investors of the unique risks to their business. Elon Musk’s Tesla abides by the same rules, and so yesterday laid out an extensive list of factors that it believes could potentially… Engadget RSS Feed

HBO Go comes to PS4, unless you have Comcast

Congratulations PS4 owners / HBO Go users, your long wait is over and the app is ready for your console. It’s been over a year since HBO and Sony announced it was coming to the PlayStation 3 i 4, and one day shy of a year since it arrived on PS3. T… Engadget RSS Feed

Square’s restaurant delivery service arrives on Android

You no longer have to carry an iPhone just to check out Square’s restaurant delivery service, Caviarit’s now available for Android. Like before, you can both order fine meals and track the couriers in real-time as they bring that dining to your d… Engadget RSS Feed

‘Mortal Kombat Xfor mobile rewards your victories with konsole kred

After a lengthy hiatus, Mortal Kombat is coming back to the mobile worldand it’s giving you a few extra incentives to brutalize fighters while you’re waiting for the bus. Mortal Kombat X will reach Android and iOS users on April 14th with not jus… Engadget RSS Feed

Lenovo’s 16-megapixel Vibe Shot is a smartphone that looks like a camera

Even though Lenovo unveiled new tablets a little over 12 hours ago, it isn’t quite done with Mobile World Congress announcements just yet. Now it’s taking the wrapper off three more devices, two of which are Android smartphones that you probably won’… Engadget RSS Feed