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State Dept. releases some of Hillary Clinton’s emails

Worried that your own inbox isn’t keeping you busy enough? Following a judge’s request to release emails from Hillary Clinton’s private account on a rolling basis, the State Department posted some 296 of them to its Freedom of Information Act website… Engadget RSS Feed

Meat your match with this Tinder-swiping steak

Dating apps are often characterized as 21st centurymeat markets” i, thanks to this Dutch art installation, Tinder’s getting uncomfortably close the real thing. The piece, appropriately called Tender, was built by four students at Leiden Universit… Engadget RSS Feed

Google heads list of 16 companies trying to kill passwords

People don’t put enough thought into passwords because it’s a pain, but that creates security problems for the whole internet. Google, Microsoft and others in the FIDO Alliance want to replace passwords with fingerprint scanning and other techniques,… Engadget RSS Feed

Help these 30-year-old Intellivision games live again on PC

One of the biggest problems facing video games as an artistic medium is one of preservation. Thanks to HD remasters, digital distribution and the Internet Archive that’s becoming less of an issue. But we still need to do more to keep a record and con… Engadget RSS Feed

‘Vidity’ 4K movies you can download are coming later this year

At CES the long-brewing alliance to push Hollywood movies you can legally download, store and play across different devices finally surfaced, and now its system has a brand name: Vidity. As we learned in January, this is the doing of the Secure Conte… Engadget RSS Feed

Google Maps gets even more detailed traffic features

Google has updated Maps with more specific traffic alerts just in time to help you dodge Memorial Day traffic nightmares. The app can already route you around closures and other problems using crowdsourced traffic data, but now it’ll give you an expl… Engadget RSS Feed

3D printing your own clothes just became (troche) rzeczywistość

Unless the technology, somehow, proves to be drastically limited, 3D printing is likely to the genesis of a manufacturing revolution. Teraz, a team in San Francisco believes that it has taken another leap towards our utopian future by building a “3D pr… Engadget RSS Feed