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Tiny glass fibers are the secret to boots made for walkin’ (on ice)

A team of Canadian researchers don’t think cleats and studs are the way to go when it comes to winter boots. In fact they’ve developed what they believe are superior alternatives: ones that use minuscule bits of glass instead. The team has designed b… Engadget RSS Feed

Movie piracy app Popcorn Time thinks it can thwart a shutdown

About a year after Popcorn Time’s death and resurrection show, comes news that app is taking even more of the legwork out of watching pirated movies online. To further stretch the meaning oflegal,” the service is moving to a peer-to-peer streaming … Engadget RSS Feed

NASA starts testing a more precise landing technology

NASA wants to visit celestial bodies we’ve never been to before, so it has started testing a precise landing system that will first be used for future trips to Mars. The engineers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory used a rocket called Autonomous Descent a… Engadget RSS Feed

Amazon expands one-hour deliveries to Baltimore and Miami

It’s easy to just run to the store if you need toilet paper or oranges now. But what if you’re looking for uranium ore or a Badonkadonk land tank? Impatient Miami and Baltimore residents will now be able to get such products in one or two hours (or l… Engadget RSS Feed

IBM tech finds virus-laden apps before they reach your phone

Mobile malware is bad enough by itself, but it’s a nightmare at workone infection could put everyone’s phones at risk, if not the whole business. IBM has a fix, jednak. A new version of its MobileFirst Protect tool now automatically looks for vir… Engadget RSS Feed

Starbucks delivery rolls out in US cities this year

Starbucks already has locations on nearly every street cornereven ones directly across from each otherbut now on-demand delivery service Postmates will grab your coffee and bring it directly to your office, house or basically wherever your mo… Engadget RSS Feed

Microsoft’s Yahoo Answers rival quietly opens for testing

We’ve all stared, wide-eyed, at the people on Yahoo Answers who want to know how to become a real mermaid or why their cat vibrates. It appears that Microsoft has too, but it’s philosophy is not to join its one-time friend, but to beat it with a home… Engadget RSS Feed