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Google Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS: Remotely control your computers

Dzisiaj, Google released Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS, a free app for Apple mobile devices allowing remote control of any Mac or PC running the Chrome Remote Desktop app. Like many other remote control apps, Chrome Remote Desktop can be used to eith… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

Nowe NASA i środowiskowe szefowie nie lubią naukę

Dobrze, this is more than a little depressing: The politician who tried reducing NASA funding (and successfully shut it down for over two weeks) is now in charge of the senate subcommittee that effectively controls NASA. More than that, one of the most… Engadget RSS Feed

Caturday: Nie ma MacBook, istnieje tylko Zuul

A teraz, a cat with one of the best names ever (if you’re a Ghostbusters fan, and who isn’t?) – Zuul! He’s the feline Gatekeeper for TUAW reader Jordan Schooler, who says: For Caturday I offer this photo of Zuul using my MacBook Air as a head rest…. TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since […]

Microsoft says ‘no fairafter Google exposes Windows flaw early

When the world’s biggest technology companies start playing rough with each other, it’s normally consumers who wind up suffering. This time out, it’s Windows users who are feeling the pain after Google publicly posted the details of a Windows 8.1 fla… Engadget RSS Feed

Electric scooters and fiber-optic shirts land on Engadget’s CES stage

From one angle, there are so many similarities between Gogoro and Cambridge Consultants that it’s hard to tell them apart. Na przykład, both are visionary companies that seek to redefine an existing market and both come out with innovative technolog… Engadget RSS Feed

iPhone 5 is the top Flickr camera in 2014

It used to be when you thought of the top cameras being used by photographers, you probably thought of Canon and Nikon. That’s not necessarily true these days. Thanks to the EXIF data that is embedded in our digital photos, it’s pretty easy to find o… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS […]

B&O launches its first wireless headphones, the BeoPlay H8

Bang and Olufsen’s main announcement this year is the wonderfully-weirdMomenthome music system. The Danish company had a few other things to show though, and the BeoPlay H8 Bluetooth headphone is one of them. A mixture of cow hide, lamb skin and … Engadget RSS Feed