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Your Android phone will soon stay unlocked while you’re holding it

If you’re frustrated that your smartphone locks while it’s still in your hands, Google may soon come to your rescue. A handful of Android Police readers report that their Lollipop-equipped phonesSmart Lock security now includeson-body detection,”… Engadget RSS Feed

Reuters: FAA to ease approval process for commercial drones

The Federal Aviation Administration wants to make it easier to operate commercial drones, it’d seem. The idea is to make it so companies that are already are exempt from the drone ban don’t have to get a new certificate of authority for additional us… Engadget RSS Feed

UN Women pulls out of Uber’s million-woman employment scheme

The hits just keep coming for Uber this week, unfortunately they’re mostly in the form of gut punches. Pierwszy, police forces in both South Korea and France raided Uber offices in their respective countries. Następnie, later that same day, a Frankfurt court… Engadget RSS Feed

Tiny glass fibers are the secret to boots made for walkin’ (on ice)

A team of Canadian researchers don’t think cleats and studs are the way to go when it comes to winter boots. In fact they’ve developed what they believe are superior alternatives: ones that use minuscule bits of glass instead. The team has designed b… Engadget RSS Feed

FBI accuses NYPD officer of scamming road accident victims

When most people are short of cash, they either sell some junk on eBay or get a second job. NYPD Auxiliary Deputy Inspector Yehuda Katz, z drugiej strony, decided to try something a little more audacious: a scam that involved breaking into into the … Engadget RSS Feed

Movie piracy app Popcorn Time thinks it can thwart a shutdown

About a year after Popcorn Time’s death and resurrection show, comes news that app is taking even more of the legwork out of watching pirated movies online. To further stretch the meaning oflegal,” the service is moving to a peer-to-peer streaming … Engadget RSS Feed

NASA starts testing a more precise landing technology

NASA wants to visit celestial bodies we’ve never been to before, so it has started testing a precise landing system that will first be used for future trips to Mars. The engineers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory used a rocket called Autonomous Descent a… Engadget RSS Feed

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