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FBI: Security researcher claimed to hack, control plane in flight

Remember the security researcher who was pulled from a United flight and had his equipment taken (before its frequent flier miles-paying bug hunt) for tweeting about hacking into the plane via its entertainment system? In an application for a search … Engadget RSS Feed

Motorola’s holding a two-day sale for its top devices in the UK

If the latest flagships from Samsung and HTC haven’t impressed you, now might be a good time to reconsider a Motorola phone. Starting at midnight on May 18th, the company is holding a 48-hour sale in the UK with hefty discounts on the Moto X, Nexus 6… Engadget RSS Feed

Amazon drops the price of the Fire Phone to £99, ponownie

Remember Amazon’s Fire Phone? It hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday yet but you’d be forgiven for never giving the retailer’s first smartphone a second thought. In a bid to rectify the device’s original sky-high pricing, the company took a hit… Engadget RSS Feed

Panasonic debuts first Firefox-powered Smart TVs in Europe

Panasonic lost some mystique when it stopped making those amazing plasma sets, but its new Firefox OS-powered 4K Smart TVs are showing a return to form. First revealed at CES this year, those sets are now available in Europe and will be rolling out t… Engadget RSS Feed

Find a security flaw and United Airlines will pay you in… mil

In the world of digital security, bug hunting is the practice of finding holes in a corporation’s security and selling it back so the problem can be quietly fixed. Companies such as Microsoft know that it’s far cheaper to pay researchers up to $ 100,0… Engadget RSS Feed

Windows 10 phone preview tests out universal Office, Xbox apps

Microsoft’s latest preview version of Windows 10 for phones is here and whether you prefer work or playor non-Lumia Windows phonesit has something new to offer. This is the first one ready to test out the new Universal Office apps (Słowo, Exce… Engadget RSS Feed

Microsoft’s super-stable video recording arrives on PCs and phones

Microsoft’s Hyperlapse is now more than just a clever idea in a research labthe folks in Redmond have released apps that help you record and produce super-stabilized videos on Android (in preview form), Windows and Windows Phone. Much like Instag… Engadget RSS Feed

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