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WhatsApp voice calls now work on Android

If you’ve been sitting, wishing and waiting for your Android handset to let you make free data-based calls, then today’s your lucky day. Our chums over at Engadget Spanish have discovered that WhatsApp’s long-promised voice calling is now available t… Engadget RSS Feed

Microsoft’s new Surface 3 tablet runs full Windows, not RT

How many times have we said that the Surface would be great, if not for its OS? Ang katotohanan ay, the Surface RT and Surface 2 were lovely, well-crafted things, with great screens, solid build quality and long battery life. We just wished they could run … Engadget RSS Feed

The making of Surface 3: Microsoft’s little tablet grows up

Microsoft knows there’s a lot riding on the Surface 3. And it looks like the company’s finally listened to feedback from people who have asked for a little more oomph from these devices. Nearly three years after Surface with Windows RT was born, Micr… Engadget RSS Feed

‘Spookyexperiment proves quantum entanglement is real

Einstein was wrongabout the quantum mechanical phenomena known as superpositioning and wave form collapse, kahit. A team from Australia’s Griffith University and Japan’s University of Tokyo, have proven that both are tangible phenomena, not si… Engadget RSS Feed

Auto-complete blunder leaks passport details of world leaders

Australia has proved that it can hold its own against Hillary Clinton any day when it comes to email gaffes. The nation’s immigration department accidentally disclosed the passport numbers and other personal info of every world leader attending last … Engadget RSS Feed

BET brings live broadcasts to its iOS and Android apps

Ngayong mga araw na ito, most TV networks offer live and on-demand content through mobile apps, including their own and those from service providers like Time Warner Cable, Dish and DirecTV. Ngayon, just as ABC and others have done, BET is set to start broadcasting … Engadget RSS Feed

Game Boy camera gun prints when you shoot

If you had a spare Game Boy Camera and the printer to match, what would you do with them? If you’re media artist Dmitry Morozov, you’d make a one-of-a-kind firearm. His GBG-8 gun uses Nintendo’s photographic peripherals and an Arduino board to shoot … Engadget RSS Feed