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Wireless chip cures your staph infection then dissolves away

As bacteria get more resistant to antibiotics, researchers need to get more creative to clear them out. Researchers from the Tufts University and UIUC have definitely done that with a chip implant that can kill a localized staph infection with heat, … Engadget RSS Feed

Engadget Araw-araw: Deepak Chopra, the deal with Black Friday, at marami pa

It’s the night before Thanksgiving, and that means you’re probably cooking, chatting with relatives and formulating your epic Black Friday attack plan. Need some help? Walang problema. We rounded up all the best tech deals available this holiday season. R… Engadget RSS Feed

The CIA and Homeland Security want to delete almost all their emails

Karaniwan, deleting emails is a no-fanfare, one-click affairbut not when you’re the Central Intelligence Agency or the Department of Homeland Security. Both agencies have recently submitted proposals to the National Archives and Records Administrat… Engadget RSS Feed

‘Steve Jobsmovie finds another home and a new star

Aaron Sorkin’s adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs may scream box office success, but actually making the movie has proven quite difficult. After two years of development, Sony Pictures decided to pass on the movie, but rival… Engadget RSS Feed

A Steam Machine without Valve: life with the iBuyPower SBX

It was gaming’s hot topic for 2013: Steam Machines. Otherwise known as Valve’s plan to take on the living room. The project had my attention for months, with Valve teasing a revolutionary controller, a custom operating system and even an army of… Engadget RSS Feed

Sophisticated malware has been spying on computers since 2008

Highly sophisticated malware isn’t limited to relatively high-profile sabotage code like Stuxnetsometimes, it’s designed to fly well under the radar. Symantec has discovered Regin, a very complex trojan that has been spying on everyone from… Engadget RSS Feed

Swipe N Clean: A low-cost and efficient iOS photo editor

Swipe N Clean (US $ 0.99) is a new full-featured photo editor for iOS that is easy to use and can be a one-stop app for many iOS photographers. The app contains 75 mga filter, tools for cropping, adding text and emoticons, and basic controls for… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed