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Google wants more Chromecast multiplayer games and autoplaying apps

Google has sold 17 million Chromecasts thus far, but it obviously wants to sell more and make the media player more valuable to current users at the same time. The company is releasing a bunch of new APIs that will allow developers to create even bet… Engadget RSS Feed

Google wants you to buy Big Macs with your face

Google may have been the first big tech company to push NFC payments, but it was Apple Pay that got the public excited about buying things with your smartphone. At a Google I/O session for Android Pay, the search giant announced that it was partnerin… Engadget RSS Feed

‘Batman: Arkham Knightis a fun distraction, but it’s not Batman

Neon green and red lights flash as Batman maneuvers the Batmobile through loop de loops in a gaudy underground racetrack. On the streets of Gotham, giant, bulbous tanks strafe around each other shooting at the speeding Bat-vehicle as it tries to esca… Engadget RSS Feed

Twitch: please don’t broadcast Adults Only games on our service

Twitch is asking that its legion of video game broadcasters think twice before they share video of a game with gratuitous sex or violence. In an update to the streaming outfit’s rules of conduct, users are asked not to publish their exploits if the t… Engadget RSS Feed

Microsoft’s new Windows Store policy will combat junk apps

It’s no secret that Windows Store has serious issues not just with scammy apps, but also with spammy ones. Ngayon, Microsoft is finally addressing that problem by introducing a stricter certification policy for new and existing apps that could clean its… Engadget RSS Feed

‘Evolvesimplifies the hunt with free deathmatch arena mode

Evolve isn’t a typical multiplayer shooter. The game pits four hunters against a quickly mutating monster, with the first task usually being to find and trap the player-controlled goliath. The experience can be a little bewildering for newcomers, kaya … Engadget RSS Feed

Neato robot vacuums get better brushes for your filthy floor

Having a robotic vacuum scoot around your home sucking up filth isn’t all that novel. But if your current rolling dust buster just isn’t cutting it, Neato just updated its D-series line. The Botvac D75, D80 and D85 all sport the new spiral blade brus… Engadget RSS Feed