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Microsoft will announce two Windows Phones tomorrow

We’ve known Microsoft will detail its plans for Windows 10 on mobile here at MWC, but in the lead-up to its event it’s accidentally let slip that two new Windows Phones are coming as well. An empty article went live on its blog with the headline “Mic… Engadget RSS Feed

Huawei’s second-generation wearable gets a stylish makeover

So many companies are afraid to do something different, so we have to give props to Huawei for persisting with its wrist-worn Bluetooth earpiece. Last year’s TalkBand B1 was unconventional, but it wasn’t the most elegant or stylish device ever design… Engadget RSS Feed

10 high-tech gadgets that will improve your tennis game

The sport of tennis is no stranger to incorporating new technologiesfrom the electronic line judges of the early ’70s to today’s Hawk-Eye system with its multi-camera array. Mga araw na ito, players at all levels have a variety of high-tech tools to h… Engadget RSS Feed

Would you prefer a thinner phone or better battery life?

Despite a number of exciting (and novel) announcements related to battery technology, the sad fact is that our smartphones still need to be frequently charged. One thing that hasn’t helped in prolonging the lives of our devices is a trend toward ever… Engadget RSS Feed

Twitter makes reporting trolls easier, basag pababa sa umuulit na nagkasala

In the ongoing battle agains trolls, abusive users and other rule-breakers, Twitter has expanded how it can attempt to squash tweet-based troubles. If someone is impersonating another through a Twitter account, or leaking sensitive personal data, anumang… Engadget RSS Feed

Nag-aalok ngayon ang BBC iPlayer apps live na channel batay sa kung saan ka nakatira

If you’re on the move or struggling to gain control of the TV remote in your living room, the BBC’s iPlayer apps are an easy way to watch its live programming. The problem, hanggang ngayon, has been that the mobile apps would only let you stream the Englan… Engadget RSS Feed

Withings Activité trackers aktibidad ay maganda, ngunit limitado

Forget notifications, forget apps, forget all of the noisy little distractions masquerading as helpsometimes a wearable is at its best when it stays out of your way. Bilang ito ay lumiliko out, that’s just what French hardware house Withings had in mind whe… Engadget RSS Feed