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Skitch makes sharing annotated pics easier for iPhone and iPad

Skitch’s share screen for iOS just got a makeover, making it easier to send out and save your annotated, doodle-filled masterpieces. The latest iOS update now shows a preview of your image on the Share screen, where you can type in and attach a… Engadget RSS Feed

Daily App: Xtrapop adds pop culture to your photos as long as you pay up

Xtrapop is a whimsical app that allows you to add some flair to your photos in just a few minutes. It’s not a serious image editor like VSCO Cam or Aviary, but a light-hearted app to make someone ROFL when you send them an image. Xtrapop focuses onBreaking Apple News, Tips and Reviews from […]

Putin tells Snowden live on air: no ‘massive scalesurveillance of public communications

Edward Snowden is not only working the conference circuit, or playing a part in Pulitzer prize-winning journalism, he’s now taking his cause to world leaders directly. This morning Snowden asked Vladimir Putin live on Russian television if his… Engadget RSS Feed

Hyundai ay nagdadala CarPlay ng Apple sa ilang mga bagong modelo sonata

It’s becoming a trend to see more and more companies integrate their products with Apple’s CarPlay, whether it be car manufacturers or makers of in-dash systems. The latest to join the movement is Hyundai, announcing that navigation-equipped 2015… Engadget RSS Feed

Data swiped from LaCIe and other news from April 15, 2014

News from Tuesday afternoon includes: LaCie is notifying customers that malware was used to gain access to customer transactions between March 27, 2013, and March 10, 2014. Customers who have shopped through LaCie’s site during this time mightBreaking Apple News, Tips and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple Weblog RSS Feed

Daily App: Help Me Fly challenges you to solve snap circuit-like puzzles

With its cartoonish graphics, Help Me Fly looks like a children’s game, but the title bridges across generations with its challenging circuit based puzzles that even the most dedicated puzzle fan will enjoy. The premise of Help Me Fly is simple. Mo… Breaking Apple News, Tips and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple Weblog RSS Feed

Here’s the software that helps Edward Snowden avoid the NSA

Edward Snowden hasn’t escaped the NSA’s watchful eyes purely by exploiting lax securityhe also uses the right software. We now know that he communicates with the media using Tails, a customized version of Linux that makes it easy to use Tor’s… Engadget RSS Feed