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Razer to make a VR headset with built-in Leap Motion hand tracking sensor

The holy grail of virtual reality is presence; that feeling that you’re truly there in that virtual world. That’s why it was great when Leap Motion announced that it would be making a VR mount a few months agomanipulating objects with your hands … Engadget RSS Feed

JXE Stream: Digging in the ‘Metroiddirt of PS4s ‘Axiom Verge

Axiom Vergea grotesque and intoxicating new action game for PlayStation 4 due out next weekwears its heart on its sleeve. From the aliens wandering its creepy interconnected halls to the variety of unusual tools you find exploring its twisted… Engadget RSS Feed

Mayroon na ngayong isang napaka-bilis PCIe SSD maaari mong aktwal na bumili

Samsung has taken a commanding lead in next-gen SSDs that blow away old-school models, but it finally has some competition. Kingston’s HyperX Predator PCIe SSD is now available with read speeds touching 1.4GB/s. That’s still a far cry from Samsung’s … Engadget RSS Feed

Twitter ay tumutulong sa mga gumagamit na-verify na panatilihin troll mula sa kanilang mga tweet

It’s not all sunshine and roses for Twitter’s verified users. They may have more features, but that blue checkmark also makes them a bullseye for trolls, spammers and people who simply have a chip on their shoulder. This group should have an easier t… Engadget RSS Feed

Nexus Player ng Google opisyal na pinindot niya ang UK sa Marso 26 para sa £ 80

Google successfully invaded living rooms everywhere with its simple and cheap Chromecast dongle, and late last year announced its next product bound to the big screen: the Nexus Player. Running the TV-friendly version of Android OS, it does everythin… Engadget RSS Feed

Packing peanuts are the key to fast-charging batteries

Hate buying some new gadget, only to wind up with a sea of packing peanuts that do little more than spill on to the floor? Don’t be too quick to toss them outthey may be the key to a new generation of lithium-ion batteries. Purdue University rese… Engadget RSS Feed

Switching to electric cars would help cool down cities

Electric cars can do more for the environment than cut back on air pollution and fossil fuel usethey can make sweltering summers more bearable, masyado. Researchers have determined that EVs create a cooling effect in urban areas, since they aren’t pr… Engadget RSS Feed