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Easy-to-make mini brains will help medical research

If you want to study the effects of drugs or transplants on the brain without operating on the real thing, you typically have to break out some microelectronics and build a model yourself. Not exactly convenient or cheap, ay ito? If Brown Universi… Engadget RSS Feed

Daimler tests a self-driving, mass-produced truck on real roads

Daimler's dreams of self-driving big rig trucks just took one step closer to reality. The automaker has conducted the first-ever test of its semi-autonomous Highway Pilot system in a production truck on a public road, driving an augmented Mercedes-… Engadget RSS Feed

10-micron-wide flowers can bloom just like the real thing

A team of researchers from the RMIT-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Research Centre has developed a technique to create 10-micron-wide flower-like structures that bloom like the real thing. The group mixed two ingredients in water to make t… Engadget RSS Feed

Cortana won’t help you on Xbox One until next year

If you were hoping to experience Cortana's most helpful version on your Xbox One this year, you might have to settle for her possible appearance in Halo 5 at the end of the month instead. The virtual assistant won't make her full debut to owners of… Engadget RSS Feed

ICYMI: Grippy robot hands, smarten up your dumb car and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: MIT developed robotic hands of pliable silicon that are also studded with pressure sensors so it knows how tightly to hold something. A small dashboard camera and advanced computer vision software are being tested in… Engadget RSS Feed

Listen to a ‘CDmade from fool’s gold, powered by a Raspberry Pi

What's music to some is noise to others. And that's perhaps most apparent with Ra the latest piece from the creator of an 8-bit camera gun, ::vtol::. As the artist writes in the demo's Vimeo description, the project uses a laser to scan the irregul… Engadget RSS Feed

Scientists can watch HIV spread through a mouse in real time

Scientists have long been perplexed by HIV's ability to spread through the body – hanggang ngayon, iyon ay. A team of medical researchers from Yale University have for the first time recorded the retrovirus' movement through a mouse host. Engadget RSS Feed