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VeuCity Explorer for iOS creates an on-the-fly travel guide

Veu (libre) is a clever iOS app that unfortunately has some quirks and rough edges. Ang app — which is designed to be an on-the-fly travel guidehas coverage for the US, UK, Pransiya, Alemanya, Italy and details for several major cities. It claims… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

Recon’s ‘Google Glassfor sports gets a finalized design ahead of September launch

Sa, the Recon Jet still isn’t out yet, but its manufacturer has a few bits of news to share. For starters, the sports-minded heads up display’s brain box is now angled slightly upward, which supposedly improves the display’s viewing angle and camera… Engadget RSS Feed

Kashoo Accounting app goes universal

I’ve been a big fan and happy user of Kashoo for quite a few years now. It’s a small business accounting service (US $ 49 kada taon) that has both a web service and an iPad app, and it distinguishes itself from competitors like QuickBooks in being very… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 […]

Numerics: A customizable business dashboard app for iOS

What’s a dashboard app? It’s designed for business users so they can display different bits of institutional information on a single screen. Think of it like the dashboard of your car, or an informational flat screen at an airport. Numerics… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

Ay maaaring maging ganap na biological Future pacemakers

It’s pretty amazing that humanity has invented a small electrical device that can be used to ensure a heart keeps a steady beat, but pacemakers have to be maintained, replacedsometimes they can even become infected. Researchers say they’re… Engadget RSS Feed

Vent: A semi-anonymous app that feels your pain

I really enjoy the anonymous sharing app Secret, as the posts are quite often hilarious and I’m usually able to narrow down a sharer’s identity to two or three people. (Those Engadget in-jokes are a real telltale.) For the same reasons that I like… Engadget RSS Feed

Xbox One’s next update makes it easier to keep up with friends, and play Blu-ray 3D

A new lower price alone may not have moved the Xbox One past the PS4 on the sales chart, but Microsoft is still keeping up with its quick update cycle. The August update preview is arriving for testers, and one of the areas getting a lot of attention… Engadget RSS Feed