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‘Powers,’ ang unang PlayStation palabas sa TV naglulunsad sa Marso 10

When Powers failed to materialize on Sony’s PlayStation Network back in December, you were probably distracted by the company’s other, more high-profile catastrophes. Now that some of the dust has settled, gayunman, series creator Brian Michael Bendis… Engadget RSS Feed

Ang Quantified sa Sarili: Anong uri ng data ang iyong pagsubaybay?

The year is still young and a few of us are barely clinging to our resolutions. Whether we vowed to be more active, eat healthier or drink more water, there’s a variety of things to keep track of (and make us feel bad about ourselves). Are you using … Engadget RSS Feed

Ang isang pag-iipon ng mga kamakailang mga review ng hardware sa TUAW

Huling linggo, we reviewed a variety of hardware and accessories that’ll complement your favorite iOS or OS X devices. Here’s a quick roundup of recent hardware reviews that you may have missed: UE MEGABOOM is the new authority in Bluetooth portable s… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

Piniritong mabuti graphene ay maaaring susi sa mahabang pangmatagalang baterya

The deep frying process isn’t just useful for livening up your foodit might also be the ticket to better batteries in your mobile devices. South Korean researchers have created highly conductive, stable electrode materials by spraying graphene ox… Engadget RSS Feed

Narito ang isang bagong app iOS para sa pagpapadala ng personalized na sulat-kamay card

There are plenty of greeting card apps for iOS, but this new offering called Lovely Handwritten Cards (free with one in-app option) is tasteful, and lets you truly personalize what you send to others using your own handwriting. You can choose a temp… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

Facebook Messenger adds voice transcription (para sa ilang)

Google Voice’s transcription feature really comes in handy when when you’re not in the position to listen to spoken messages. This news isn’t about Google Voice, bagaman — it’s about a similar (but experimental) transcription feature that has just ar… Engadget RSS Feed

Polaris is now in the e-bike business after buying Brammo

Polaris has acquired e-bike maker Brammo in a deal that leaves the future of the Brammo name and its Oregon-based factory in limbo. Brammo has been building the Empulse/R and Enertia e-bikes for several years, but the models haven’t changed much sinc… Engadget RSS Feed