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Oddball machine makes ‘analogtechno music with vinyl records

Many techno DJs are used to playing music on vinyl, but creating it? That's another matter. Gayunman, Graham Dunning has found a wonderfully strange way to make that idea work. His Mechanical Techno device produces full-on dance tracks by driving se… Engadget RSS Feed

The Marines start training Google’s 160-pound robo-dog Spot

Spot, the silent robo-dog made by Google-owned company Boston Dynamics, enjoyed the great outdoors for a week back in September. Not to fetch sticks or roll around in the grass, but to trainwith the Marines. It's gone a long way since its time… Engadget RSS Feed

EFF’s new website keeps an eye on social media censorship

Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites had been in hot water many, many times in the past for purging content other users deem inappropriate. In order to pinpoint the exact reasons for those takedowns and to determine trends in content… Engadget RSS Feed

Amazon’s Echo speaker wants to play games with you

Amazon seems bound and determined to not let its internet-connected wünderspeaker, the Echo, fall prey to the same fate as the Fire TV and Fire Phone. Good on Jeff Bezos for that. In case you're already bored of the device reading you news hea… Engadget RSS Feed

‘GTA Vwill never feel the same with this crazy driving rig

Grand Theft Auto V is the perfect playground for car junkies that want to perform some virtual Furious 7-inspired stunts. Take this clip of a player landing his favorite ride inside a flying cargo plane. Nuts. But what if you could make the first-p… Engadget RSS Feed

Microsoft’s Black Friday deals include $299 Xbox One bundles

Microsoft is desperate for the Xbox One to make an impact this holiday season. In addition to a slew of exclusive games, including Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza Motorsport 6, the company is continuing to undercut Sony's PlayS… Engadget RSS Feed

Headband detects obstacles and guides the blind haptically

Until scientists perfect bionic vision, shouldn't there be a better way for the blind to get around than a simple cane? That's the idea behind Sentiri, a proximity-sensing headband that helps steer users around by motor-driven haptic feedback. It d… Engadget RSS Feed