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Time Warner Cable ang sinasabing routine maintenance sa buong bansa sanhi outage

Large chunks of the US will have woken up this morning in a panic. Sa, not a natural disaster, their Time Warner Cable internet was down. A mother-of-all-outages saw TWC’s Internet service down from New York to, mabuti, pretty much everywhere (see map… Engadget RSS Feed

Sumasali ang Google News at Lagay ng Panahon ang modernong edad na may Ngayon-tulad ng mga baraha

The stock Android faithful have been peering at the same UI inside its News and Weather app for quite some time, but today there’s a welcome update. Folks carrying the unskinned version of Google’s OS are now privy to Now’s card-based organization… Engadget RSS Feed

Apple adds Mary J. Blige, Tony Bennett and others to London’s iTunes Festival 2014

As noted by The Loop, Apple has added several new high-profile performers to its iTunes Festival 2014 pila. Notable performers include hip-hop and soul star Mary J. Blige and crooner Tony Bennett. The full list of performances that span the month… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

Robo Utak nagtuturo sa mga robot kung paano upang maunawaan ang mga mundo

For a robot to be able to wash clothes, vacuum carpets or serve you cocktails on a Friday night, it needs to be loaded with the appropriate software and data. In the future, bagaman, a robot will easily be able pull info they need to do those things… Engadget RSS Feed

Star Walk 2 mostly improves on the original

Star Walk 2 (US $ 2.99 with in-app purchases) is a solid update from the original award winning Star Walk astronomy program. This new version has a re-designed interface with the look and feel of each element beautifully crafted and drawing you into… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

This Weekend in the App Storethe best free apps, new apps and app updates

Here are some of the best free apps, app updates and new apps that have landed in the App Store recently. All app prices are USD and subject to change. Some deals may expire quickly, so grab them while you can. Apps Now Free Stackables for iPad… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 […]

Smartwatch belt gives you wearable tech without the convenience

Have you ever wanted smartwatch notifications without the convenience of having something on your wrist? Sa? Tila, no one told that to the design team at Suzi Roher. The fashion outfit’s new Urban Tech Belt includes adigital watch computer”… Engadget RSS Feed