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Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference begins June 8th

If you’re wondering what Apple will do next with its mobile devices and the Mac, you won’t have to wait too long to find out. The tech giant has announced the 2015 Worldwide Developer Conference, which starts on June 8th. It’s not providing too many … Engadget RSS Feed

Frenemies US and China join forces to fight cyber crime

The US and China are going to try to work together to take on cyber criminals. The Department of Homeland Security says that the US and Chinaintend to establish cyber discussionson the path to reestablishing full government-to-government cyber se… Engadget RSS Feed

Amazon adds IMDb-fueled X-Ray for Movies to Fire TV

Amazon’s X-Ray for Movies and TV Shows feature is great when you’re trying to figure out the name of the actor on your screen. Today that feature is hitting Amazon Instant Video on the Fire TV which is frankly where it should have been since the set-… Engadget RSS Feed

Blackmagic launching a tiny, drone-friendly RAW cinema camera

Hollywood feature films needs better quality than a GoPro can deliver for aerial footage, but heavy cinema cameras demand really expensive drones to lift them. Blackmagic Design clearly thought all this through and is about to launch a Micro Cinema C… Engadget RSS Feed

Lucky octopus finds photography job at a New Zealand aquarium

There’s an unusual photographer working for Auckland’s Sea Land Aquarium. His name is Rambo, and we doubt he personally manages the $ 2 per shot he earns taking pictures of tourists. That’s because Rambo is an octopusa very smart one who learned h… Engadget RSS Feed

‘No Pineapple Left Behindskewers the American education system

As Rockstar GamesBully proved, grade school makes for a pretty interesting (if painfully underused) setting for video games, which is why I’m intrigued by No PIneapple Left Behind. In it, you’re a principal lording over pineapples, making sure they… Engadget RSS Feed

Four ‘Game of Thronesepisodes leak, good luck avoiding spoilers

Just a day before season five premiered on HBO, copies of the next four episodes of Game of Thrones leaked onto the internet. According to TorrentFreak, the leaks are in standard definition and may originate from a review screener given to the press…. Engadget RSS Feed