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Araw-araw na pag-iipon: Galaxy S5 review, Shuhei Yoshida ng Sony sa VR at higit pa!

Kumbaga ang araw ay hindi kailanman talagang tapos sa consumer teknolohiya balita. Ang iyong karaniwang araw, gayunman, sana ay humahatak sa isang malapit na sa ilang mga punto. Ito ang Araw-araw na pag-iipon sa Engadget, isang mabilis na sulyap pabalik sa tuktok headline para sa nakalipas na 24 oras — lahat… Engadget RSS Feed

Laro pagbagsak ng snow ng Warcraft card ay nakakakuha ng isang undead Pagpapalawak ng single-player

Were you hoping for a single-player campaign in Blizzard’s Warcraft-themed card game, Hearthstone? Mabuti, you’re getting one. The outfit’s announced Curse of Naxxramas at PAX East, at, in addition to fresh challenges and more than an entire deck’s… Engadget RSS Feed

Daily App: Skylit shows sunset and sunrise times

Skylit is a new app from Stay Kids that falls into the weather category, even though it doesn’t deliver forecast information. Instead of detailed weather information, the app focuses on sunrise and sunset, which are important pieces of informationBreaking Apple News, Tips and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple Weblog RSS Feed

Engadget Eurocast 059 – 4.11.14

Big changes have been brewing for the Eurocast crew in the fortnight they’ve been away. Engadget UK has officially launched, providing a home base for all things British and eliminating all the rubbish that has no business being telegraphed across… Engadget RSS Feed

Hinahayaan CNNx app pinapanood mo lamang ang balita na mahalaga sa iyo

Since you’re here, we figure you’re pretty comfortable in using the internet to get your news. CNN has noticed that trend as well, and is making the jump to the next generation with CNNx. Initially available as an iPad app but intended for other… Engadget RSS Feed

Daily App: 15 Hamon sa iyo barya upang mangolekta ng mga barya habang ini-chased sa pamamagitan ng panggagaya

Thanks in part to the success of Flappy Bird, minimal arcade games with high difficulty are all the rage right now. One new addition to this category of games is 15 Coins from Engaging Games. You guide a ship in space, collecting coins and avoidingBreaking Apple News, Tips and Reviews from The Unofficial Apple […]

Google’s modular phones: hot-swapping batteries is just the beginning

Google teased us with a behind-the-scenes look at Project Ara’s progress last week, and now it’s giving would-be module makers some meat to dig into with its new Module Developers Kit. As the name implies, this release really isn’t meant for laymen:… Engadget RSS Feed