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Google’s letting armchair monster hunters explore Loch Ness

For decades, people have searched for signs ofNessiein the murky depths of Loch Ness. Photos and videos have emerged over the years alongside supposed sightings, but they’ve ultimately failed to prove the mythical beast’s existence. Is Nessie fac… Engadget RSS Feed

Disney’s ‘acoustrumentscan control phones using their own sounds

Disney Research is apparently developing plastic accessories that can control phones, which might even be more far-out than MIT’s thumbnail trackpads. They’re called acoustruments, and they can control phones with sounds from their own speakers. Paano?… Engadget RSS Feed

Intel’s success in China hinges on budget phones and tablets

China is the number one market with connected products.That was how Intel’s Senior Vice President Kirk Skaugen kicked off his keynote at IDF in Shenzhen, citing China’s staggering 30 percent share of worldwide connected-device purchases in 2014. … Engadget RSS Feed

OnePlus finally drops invites, but only until its next flagship launches

Now that it’s been on the market a full year, you can finally buy a OnePlus One without an invitation. Tunog pamilyar? The company has opened up sales on the well-liked, $ 300 smartphone for brief periods before, but today said thatthe One will be a… Engadget RSS Feed

Norway will lead the effort to switch off FM radio

Some countries are already stepping up their transition to digital radio, but Norway thinks it can one up them all. The nation’s Ministry of Culture has revealed plans to switch off FM radio across the country in 2017, making it the first country to … Engadget RSS Feed

Bad software update kills many Wink smart home hubs

Now for the downside of a house loaded up with “matalino” devices to allow remote control and monitoring: turning your home into a computer means computer-like problems. Today’s example comes from the Wink Hub, isang $ 50 device sold at Home Depot that’s sup… Engadget RSS Feed

Russians are using undiscovered exploits to hack the US government

If you’ve been wondering how Russian cyberattackers could compromise the White House and other high-profile targets, the security researchers at FireEye have an answer. They’ve determined that APT28, a politically-motivated Russian hacking group, gamitin… Engadget RSS Feed

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