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Masusubaybayan ang Smart hikaw sa iyong kalusugan kahit na ikaw ay nasa isang damit

Oo naman, there are high-tech bracelets out there that can show you texts and reminders, but you’re more of an earrings gal anyway, and you like fitness bands better than smartwatches. Ear-o-Smart is a pair of smart earrings that can take the place of… Engadget RSS Feed

Samsung has just unveiled Project Beyond, isang 3D na-pagkuha ng camera para sa Gear VR

Samsung has just unveiled a sneak preview of a new camera called Project Beyond, which is a 3D-capturing 360-degree camera designed to capture videos designed to be displayed on the Gear VR. Pranav Mistry, Samsung’s VP of Research, says that Beyond… Engadget RSS Feed

Samsung ng Gear VR Innovator Edition dumating ang susunod na buwan sa US

If you’ve been eyeing Samsung’s Gear VR headset to pair with that Galaxy Note 4, you might soon be in luck. The company announced today that the Innovator Edition of the virtual reality gadget will be available stateside in December. Oo naman, ang… Engadget RSS Feed

Moto X Purong Edition at Moto G makakuha ng isang maagang lasa ng lolipap

We heard rumblings that Motorola’s pair of single-lettered handsets would be amongst the first to get Android’s latest update, and the company has made the news official. Lollipop is rolling out to the second-gen Moto X Pure Edition and Moto G (Estados Unidos… Engadget RSS Feed

Panoorin kometa landing live ang European Space Ahensya

After being launched nearly 10 taon na ang nakaraan, the ESA’s Rosetta mission is about to reach a major milestoneand you’ll be able to watch as it all unfolds. Over the next few hours, NASA will be live-streaming the mission’s attempt at putting its Philae… Engadget RSS Feed

Full video of Tim Cook’s recent 34 minute WSJD Live interview posted online

Nearly two weeks ago, Tim Cook sat down for a wide ranging interview at the WSJD Live conference with WSJ managing editor Gerry Baker. Doon, Cook divulged a number of interesting tidbits, including the reason behind the demise of the iPod Classic… TUAW: Apple news, reviews and how-tos since 2004 RSS Feed

Nilabas pirata Bay co-founder Peter Sunde mula sa bilangguan

Authorities can’t keep the entire Pirate Bay crew under lock and key, ito tila. Just days after the arrest of Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde has been released from prison; he spent only five months behind bars rather than the originally intended eight,… Engadget RSS Feed

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