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The Public Access Weekly: Trigger fingers/Twitter fingers

It's Friday which means it's time for another installment of the Public Access Weekly, the column that updates you on all things related to the Engadget communities. Huling linggo, we updated you on the #PublicAccess hashtag on Twitter, the new Preview… Engadget RSS Feed

The TappLock smart padlock opens with a fingerprint

Still fiddling with a key or combination to lock up your stuff? Get with the times, tao! A company called Pishon Lab has launched a smart padlock that you can open with your fingerprint, in much the same way you unlock a smartphone. The TappLock come… Engadget RSS Feed

Apple is developing charging tech that works from a distance

Apple wants you to be able to charge your iPhones and iPads even from afar, and it's developing the wireless technology to make that a reality, according to Bloomberg. Cupertino is reportedly working with partners both in the US and in Asia to conjur… Engadget RSS Feed

PlayStation sells well (muli), but mobile is hurting Sony

Sony made money. Muli! The company saw in tiny increase (0.5%) in sales compared to the same quarter last to 2,581 bilyong yen (o $ 21.5 bilyon), but income now stands at $ 1.69 bilyon. This quarter's financial results was yet more balancing (and c… Engadget RSS Feed

Twitter opens topical Moments feed to UK advertisers

Twitter's Moments feature lets users step back from their rapid-fire feeds and see what hot topics are dominating internet chatter. From news to funnies to trending subjects, Moments blend media and commentary into curated, bitesize overviews. But li… Engadget RSS Feed

Watch the Coast Guard train in this 360-degree video

Disney has just released a cool promo video for its upcoming film The Finest Hours, and you'll likely want to watch it using a VR headset if you have one. The House of Mouse captured the Coast Guard doing training drills in Los Angeles on a 360-degre… Engadget RSS Feed

Nagdaragdag ang Google ng chat-tulad ng pagkomento sa Sheet at mga slide sa iyong telepono

Over the last year or so, Google has put a focus on making the phone and tablet versions of its productivity suite up to par with the web versions. The latest new feature Google's rolling out around that mission is a revamped commenting experience in… Engadget RSS Feed

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