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Yahoo Mail helps you track packages and remember events

A couple of new, useful features are coming to Yahoo's web email client. For starters, the company has announced that Mail will now send notifications when packages are due to be deliveredyou can also track them from there. The same goes for evEngadget Full RSS Feed

Spotify’s new privacy policy shouldn’t freak you out

The internet is awash with reports that Spotify, the music streaming service, is adopting The Big Book of Dystopian Futures as its new corporate policy. The furor is over the company's updated privacy policy, which includes new statements about whaEngadget Full RSS Feed

ICYMI: Electric surfboard, ’80s video app and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: If Jaws has kept you out of the ocean, there's another way to experience surfing. Just pay $ 4,000 for the Onean Electric Surfboard and cruise lakes and rivers instead. And you can re-live the glory days of Saved bEngadget Full RSS Feed

The latest Ashley Madison data release is twice as big as the first

It looks like the Ashley Madison hackers aren't done releasing data they pilfered from the company in July. As reported by Motherboard, another set of data has been posted on the same "Dark Web" site that hosted the original release. The data dumpEngadget Full RSS Feed

Yahoo Weather warns you about rain in time to find an umbrella

Weather apps are quite handy, and now Yahoo's mobile software is even more helpful. The app will send you an alert 15 minutes before rain or snow is expected to start so you have enough time to prepare. The new feature offers warnings similar to DaEngadget Full RSS Feed

ICYMI: Hypersonic plane, social connections app and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: Germany is trying to revive a decades-old plan for a hypersonic commuting plane which would deliver people from Frankfurt to Australia in 90 minuto. A video for a social connection app called Knock Knock stars a cEngadget Full RSS Feed

Dropbox saves URLs you drag and drop on the web and PC

We're sure you have your own methods for saving project resources, but if you rely on Dropbox heavily, then this latest update will help make the process a lot easier for you. The cloud service now saves URLs you drag and drop into the desktop appEngadget Full RSS Feed

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