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Twitter videos now run full screen on other apps

Twitter announced the rollout of full-screen video playback for its Twitter Kit on Tuesday. That means users will be able to view videos and animated gifs within Twitter without having to pop open a new window or launch the Twitter app — lahat… Engadget RSS Feed

Amazon starts streaming Prime music and videos on JetBlue

Bumalik Mayo, Amazon said it would bring Prime Music and Instant Video to select JetBlue flights. Fast forward to today, over six months since the original announcement, and the retailer is finally turning this feature on for Amazon Prime customers. Sa… Engadget RSS Feed

Pebble Time watches can reply to texts on iOS (if you’re on AT&T)

Some Pebble users that link their smartwatch to an iPhone will now be able to reply to text messages straight through their devices. We say "some," because this is a beta release, and the feature's available to a pretty limited number of people for n… Engadget RSS Feed

EE is considering whether to block ads on customers’ phones

The ability to block online ads could soon come from an unlikely source. Instead of installing a browser extension or a third-party iOS app, there's a chance Brits will be given the option by their mobile network. We've heard rumblings of this befo… Engadget RSS Feed

Domino’s makes ordering pizza dangerous with ‘Easy Order’ butones

With more than half of its customers now ordering via its mobile apps, it's fair to say that Domino's has pizza delivery down to a fine art. But in this modern age, there's always room to shave a couple of seconds off the purchasing process. Iyan na ang… Engadget RSS Feed

Nexa3D needs your cash to make its ‘ultrafast’ 3D printer

Not long ago, we saw a new kind of super-fast 3D printer that works by "growing" objects from resin, rather than laboriously depositing the print material in layers. Another company called Nexa3D has launched a product on Kickstarter that's similar… Engadget RSS Feed

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